Managing Director Message

Managing Director Message

Dr. R. K. Gupta
Vitreo - Retina & Phaco Surgeon
Managing Director- LR Group of Institutes

 The LR Group of Institutes has always been committed to providing its students with the finest education and a supportive learning environment.

Additionally, the institute recognizes that our students must be well-prepared to be valuable members of a rapidly changing society where it desires responsible and participative citizens. In light of these demands, the institute must be continuously improving academically and administratively.

Therefore, the institute has begun making major changes that directly impact and involve every aspect of the institute so that we are in a position to attain the standards of prominent, world-class institutes and universities that will allow our students to excel and be successful for their future.

Recognizing that students are a key stakeholder of the institute we seek their active participation in decision-making at the institute, knowing how student’s experiences can be enhanced to better prepare them for their future and to bring out the best out of them. Moreover, to help them achieve success during their institute years and beyond, the institute is making significant changes as we continuously evaluate our teaching and learning processes.

Our goal is to produce students who are well prepared with critical and innovative thinking and enhancing personality, the necessary knowledge, technical skills and in-service training for a competitive labor market. We are confident in creating excellent learning ambiance through innovation in teaching, counseling and producing professionals capable of answering the global challenges and demonstrating high ethical and moral standards of education, relevant to contemporary world.

The many recent, and future, endeavors of the Institute will be to help us retain our position as a pioneer of higher education in Himachal Pradesh and respectively in Solan, while maintaining societal values and long withstanding principles to meet governments and societies expectations. I extend my best wishes to the students and faculty who are a part of our Institute and to those who seek to join us in our mission of sharing and creating knowledge and contributing to the growth of not only our society and nation but humanity at large.