Welcome to the Alumni Section

It is our pleasure to welcome you to this section of our website.

The Institutions recognizes your contribution to the society, which has resulted in the growth of your institution. The primary objective of alumni relationship program is to provide you with myriad of ways to continue your relationship with your alma mater. We are eager to help you connect with one another, participate in knowledge sharing sessions, share your experiences and expertise.

Also, we welcome you to visit your Institutes and spare time to assist current students improve their experience at LR Group. Your contribution in the curriculum development and voice in the Institutes legislative matter is welcome.

As you continue on your paths, fulfilling your potential and acting as ambassadors for LR Group, we encourage you to register and become active and engaged members of the Alumni Association to reconnect with your classmates and keep up to date about alumni events.

Please Note: A person who, for the time being, is enrolled as a student in any diploma/degree course in any Institute of LR Group. cannot be a member of the Alumni so long as he/she is pursuing the said course

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