• About

    The L R Institute of Management was established in 2006 is approved by the AICTE, New Delhi and is affiliated to HPU Shimla. The Institute is equipped with all infrastructural facilities required for such a professional course. It has an impressive Library which is a repository of over 1116 books. It subscribes to both national and International Journals. Our commitment to management education focuses on building a deep understanding of business, teaching with skill and passion, and communicating ideas that have power in practice.

    The entire curricula which spreads over 2 years focuses on infusing problem solving skill among the students. It enables them to aptly see the opportunities and challenges emerging in the business environment. Seminars, workshops, conferences are orgainsed to expose students to the present global scenario and the response thereto. The entire study programme is participative in nature in the form of case study, management games, group discussions, etc, through the utilization of modern teaching aids.

  • Vision & Mission

    To transform our institution into quality technical education center imparting updated technical knowledge with character building. To create an excellent teaching and learning environment for our staff and students to explore their full potential thus enabling them to contribute positively to the society. To significantly enhance the self-confidence level for developing creative skills of staff and students.

  • Director's Message

    L.R. Institute of Management has succeeded in carving a niche for itself among the top management institutes The world is full of possibilities and in this era of competitive environment, opportunities for good career are abundant. Every individual has potential to become an achiever.

    LRIM believes in unlocking the hidden potential, which enables young minds to ascend higher and higher to reach the pinnacle of success in corporate world . When you choose LRIM you become a part of rich tradition of academic excellence, discovery, Innovation and creative expression.

    The expert and qualified team of faculty members and professional trainers change the outlook of students and put them on path of glorious career.

    Besides nurturing Management skills, a wholesome development of student managers being provided in our institute is step towards empowering them to face challenges that lie ahead in competitive globalised world.



    MBA/MCA AICTE Approval 2015-16
    MBA/MCA AICTE Approval 2014-15
    MBA/MCA AICTE Approval 2013-14
    MBA/MCA AICTE Approval 2012-13
    MBA/MCA AICTE Approval 2011-12
    MBA/MCA AICTE Approval 2010-11
    MBA/MCA AICTE Approval 2008-2009
    MBA/MCA AICTE Approval 2007-08
    MBA AICTE Approval 2006-07

Bachelor of Business Administration

Rs.42,000 Per Year

Bachelor of Business Administration is a three year degree programme. Management is one of the most preferred programme today. It covers subjects like Business Communication, Principles of Management, Statistics, Accounting, MIS and Database Design, Economics, Basics of HR, Marketing, Financial Management, Production and Operations.



Bachelor of Computer Applications

Rs.47,500 Per Year

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three year degree programme.The programme can be opted by those who have not gone for engineering education and who have a desire to go in the field of information Computer Technology.The programme prepares the student to undertake Master Programme and for designing small business application softwares in the industry.



Master of Business Administration

Rs.71,000 Per Year

The MBA program aims at preparing young minds for responsible positions in industry, trade, commerce and other services with high level of motivation.Enhancement of lifelong learning skills and personal development so as to able to work with self direction and originality and to contribute to business and society at large.



Master of Computer Applications

Rs. 72,000 Per Year

The MCA course helps an individual to grab the request amount of knowledge both technical and academic that after 3 yrs an outgoing MCA post-graduate student is ready to face any challenge in the industry.MCA prepares the students to meet the ever increasing needs of the Industry at large. The applications are innumerable and so are the opportunities for growing careers both at home and overseas.